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Our Class with Ani Lopon Yeshe Lhamo


5 thoughts on “Our Class with Ani Lopon Yeshe Lhamo

  1. This pic, and everything else, are so inspiring, Ani! I’m thrilled that the Dharma has developed to the point that you have another Ani as your primary instructor. I studied some of those texts with Khenpo Tsewang Gyatso and remember the exams. Like Gyatso says, not easy, even in English! Study well!

  2. I am happy that half my teachers are nuns too! It is inspiring for us beginners. I plan to blog about this in the future. I feel like the status of women in Buddhism is improving in leaps and bounds.

  3. Ani-laAs has been said, your blog is wonderful, I especially like the narratives and pictures, as I am a miserable academic! But it is the sense of nuns being vitally present that inspires me. Thank you. I hope your arm is healed, and that your study time is productive. I am glad our blogs are linked, will work on getting yours up on mine ( i am also techno-ignorant!)Kunzang

  4. Wonderful blog! It’s really interesting and exciting to read about what’s going on in your life… A little different than my life right now – but I guess we have some important similarities (like blogging)! Devoting a life to faith and to study is a challenging but rewarding pursuit.Thank you for googling me!

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