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Another year ends…

Here’s a photos of all the nuns in shedra together with our teachers. We finished our classes on November 1st. Now we have a month to study and then it will be time for our comprehensive final exams.
If this blog has any avid readers (other than my mother, of course, “Hi Mom!”) I apologize for not having posted for several months. I lost my Internet connection in July and can’t be bothered to blog from an Internet cafe (except this present post). Hopefully I’ll be back online next March. In the meantime, once my holidays begin at the end of December I hope to post something new and interesting.


3 thoughts on “Another year ends…

  1. Well, I would be an avid reader, if there were anything to read! I’ve been dying for more content — yours is such a rare and wonderful glimpse into that special place. But thank you so much for posting this picture. I will show it to the young Mongolian women who will be heading your way next month!

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