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My Roomates

These are my roomates, Pema Chodron (not the famous one) on the left, and Ngawang Sherab on the right. Pema is from Ladakh and in her first year of shedra. Ngawang is from Tibet, and in her second year. I feel lucky to have these woman as my roomates.


One thought on “My Roomates

  1. Very nice to read your blogg. I am also a western nun (Australian) studying in a nunnery here in India (funnily enough Jamyang Choling)I had heard there were Western nuns in Namdroling. I am glad you are living inside, it makes a huge difference. Its only recently that we have had this oppurtunity and I hope that more people will be interested to take the plug and engage in full time study etc in a nunnery with nuns rather than a western nun joing a class with monks..(which is all that avliable untill recently)I really think this is the best way to get a stable, authentic transmission of the Dharma in the West in the future. If you are interested this is my blogg…. but it isn’t very deep and meaningful like yours!http://travellingonthedhammapada.blogspot.com/Best wishesYejung

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