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You are a Westerner who has been living in a Tibetan community in India too long if:

  • you have yama (sinitus)
  • you do the head wobble thing
  • you start sentences with “We Tibetans…”
  • you start sentences with “Those Injees…”
  • you speak Tibetan to Indians and Hindi to Tibetans
  • you don’t know the word in Tibetan you say it in Hindi
  • you say “shit” (in English) every time you drop something
  • you don’t know the name of any vegetables in Tibetan but you do in Hindi or Chinese
  • you’d actually prefer to have butter tea
  • prefer to tell people phone numbers in Chinese or English rather than Tibetan
  • you point with your lips
  • you think this post is funny because it is true

One thought on “You are a Westerner who has been living in a Tibetan community in India too long if:

  1. Dear Damchoe-la,I may add just one more peculiar table manners. When the Tibetan host serves you butter tea; the host is always filling your cup after every sip you put it down, till your bladder is about to go burst. So, you cover your cup with both hands and say ‘ la may’ (No thanks !). Some host insist on serving, even shoving the kettle point through the gaps of your hand covering the cup, hoping to get some through it. That’s when you make the final move of taking the cup and drawing it close to your chest, arch back as if avoiding a left hook and push back the kettle with the other hand saying something like ‘your tea is awesome but I,m full, please’. If it goes even further, you may have to swear on your life and say ‘la may, may, may!’ So when the host withdraws from your face, you put down the cup and carry on your conversation. Just as you are gesturing something in your conversation, like a flash of lightning in the dark of night- in a single motion the host has added more tea in your cup and is holding it right in your mouth. Finally you surrender to the great kindness of your host. First time westerners may even get furious and kick the host in the crotch, straight away.Gompa butter is thick and tasty. I have gone through the above motion with awful tasting tea requiring the skill to put all the six transcendental acts in a single moment. Lest you hurt your host’s feelings. Best wishesNgdup Norbu

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