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Daily list

Everyday I try to:
  • meditate
  • study for shedra
  • exercise
  • practice handwriting (because it matters on our exams, doh!)
  • read academic books and articles
  • memorize root text
  • tidy my room
Things I do which sometimes hinder me in accomplishing all of the above:
  • read Harry Potter fan fiction
  • watch television serials on DVD
  • Facebook
  • eat irresponsibly (which messes up my blood sugar and turns me into a zombie)
If I were all-powerful I would:
  • Add more hours to the day so I could do everything on both lists (except maybe the zombie thing)

3 thoughts on “Daily list

  1. Venerable Ani,I’m the same on all accounts, excepting that Hulu.com is my Harry Potter…I’ve pretty well gotten myself off of from DVD serials. (for those in the US, unsubscribing from Netflix was of tremendous help) I had stopped watching them altogether and then several people, one being a reincarnate tulku, insisted that I pick up one more, so I’m doing so somewhat begrudgingly!! hahahaOne other aspiration of mine is to read daily part of a biography of a great practitioner. Currently, I’m reading “Brilliant Moon” about Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. It is simply equisite.Thank you so much Ani-la!Love, – Greg

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