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Funny conversations…

I’ve been meaning to post some of the funny conversations I’ve had. Early this morning:
ROOMATE: Ani Damchoe Wangmo! Did you drop 200 rupees (about U.S. five dollars) in the toilet?
ME: Uh…
RM: Someone dropped 200 rupees in the toilet!
ME: (cringing at the thought of Gandhi-ji’s visage getting dirty in our toilet) Did you take it out?
RM: (points to two wet 100 rupee notes drying on the window sill) So it isn’t yours?
ME. I don’t think so.
RM: I think it is mine. I took a shower last night. (yes, we shower in our toilet stall, for privacy)
ME: Well… if you are not sure you could offer it (for a puja). But… maybe you shouldn’t offer those exact bills because…
BOTH OF US: They fell in the toilet! (laughter)

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