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3 August 2009

I spent a long day at Shechen house not doing much, trying to keep cool in boiling Delhi. The high point was greeting Rabjam Rinpoche who arrived at the house on his way to Taiwan. I started climbing the huge mountain of studying which I must summit in order to keep up with my class at the nunnery. I’m reading Khenpo Tsewang Sonam’s wonderful Abhisamayalankara commentary. The author is said by some to be one of the best students produced by our shedra at Namdroling. At the airport I had some nice chats with the check-in and immigration officials. We flew out of Delhi just after midnight.


2 thoughts on “3 August 2009

  1. You greeted Rabjam Rinpoche?!?!?!!!! Aye, how wonderful.I hope to meet him on the HH Dilgo Khyentse visit next year.All the best to you, Ani-la.Oh, I met Konchog from Mongolia at the Palyul retreat last August. I cannot wait to meet your acquaintance sometime!

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