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To Rigpa’s abode

Yesterday, we said our goodbyes at Chanteloube. Then we drove from Dordogne to Lerab Ling, which is near the Spanish border. Sogyal Rinpoche greeted Khen Rinpoche in front of the temple and then we all adjourned to the top floor of the temple to enjoy the traditional Tibetan food of welcome– sweet rice and tea. This morning we visited visited Khandros Tsering Chodron and Mayum. The Lotsawa House translators introduced the Rigpa Mandala. We met Rinpoche several times during the day. In the afternoon Khen Rinpoche began his teachings on Longchenpa’s Thirty Pieces of Advice from the Heart. This evening I chatted with the local monks and nuns.


3 thoughts on “To Rigpa’s abode

  1. Hi Ani-la! Seems you've been having quite the adventure this summer. I am very happy that you've been able to take time to allow us to share in them with you. I've been out of town for quite some time, and I have plenty to read on your blog to catch up with you! ~Rigdor

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