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Visons of Lerab Ling

The next morning, Sogyal Rinpoche and Khen Rinpoche blessed the many images, statues and artifacts of the temple. Khenpo continued his teachings in the morning then concluded them in the afternoon session. I had some quality time with the lotsawas and other friends. Unlike Chanteloube, I had many opportunities to assist Khen Rinpoche as his translator and servant. I insisted that Lerab Ling’s own translator, G., translate Khenpo’s oral teachings as he is just so much more skilled than I am, but in daily life translations I was glad to have something to do. That evening, I nerd bonded with some of my new friends among the monastics.



2 thoughts on “Visons of Lerab Ling

  1. There are NUNS at Lerab Ling? And monks too? People who have taken vows of sexual abstinence and who observe the precepts? With Sogayl? That is about as far as one can go down the double standards route. Are you aware that Sogyal is a sado-masochistic sexual predator and that to feed his addiction since the mid 1970's probably enough women to fill Wembley Stadium have been used, abused and cast aside? And that most of them have abondoned the dharma and suiffer permanent psycho-emotional distress? Are you aware of the beatings and the orgies that go on very close to you, inside Sogyal's compound at Lerab Ling? If you are not, or if you are in denial then its time to wake up and smell the decadence.

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