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I finally finished giving my root text. By ‘give’ I mean recite in the presence of my teacher. This year’s root text was very hard to learn – because it is not in verse. Check it out at Lotsawa House , and imagine memorizing it in Tibetan. Yeah.

Quite some time ago Ven. T.G. asked me how I memorize. I memorize fragments, then link them together until I have a few pages worth then I recite it to my teacher. I memorize the fragments by spending a few minutes memorizing each one, then a few minutes doing something else (like watching a video), then when my timer rings I try to remember what I just memorized. I also recite when I am cleaning and cooking. When I wake up in the morning I try to remember what I memorized the previous day. Memorizing right before going to sleep can be very effective, but it gives me nightmares in which the words are spinning around in my head. It is also useful to recite the whole text once a day – but I rarely do this, much to my own loss.


2 thoughts on “Memorization

  1. Interesting method of memorizing. I used to write things over and over. The only thing I can remember now is O Canada in French though I don't know what most of it means!

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