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Pramana rant

This afternoon I spent about an hour fruitlessly paging through Mipham’s Pramanavartika commentary (legs bshad snang ba’i gter) looking for the line “gzhal bya rang mtshan gcig kho na*” in root text by Dharmakirti. At debate I asked my classmates about this often quoted line, they assured me: “It is there! Look on page 46.” I had indeed already checked that page a few times already- because it seemed that is exactly there that quote should be. After debate a classmate, determined to show me the quote was there, showed me the page. What we found a very similar line: “rang gi mtshan nyid gcig gzhal bya**”. It was then that I started wondering if this was a quote from Pramanavartika or perhaps a certain other extremely well known Pramana text– Sakyapandita’s tshad ma rigs gter. I googled it – two verbatim hits, one citing Sapan. I paged through the root text of rig ter. There it was! So… unless Sapan is quoting Dharmakirti and I am too blind to see it, I believe Sapan may have said it first. Next time I’ll google it first.

*the objects to be examined are individually characterized only

** individually characterized objects only are the objects to be examined


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