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End of another year

We are nearing the end of another year of studies here at Namdroling.  My last class will be next Monday morning, which is the Buddhist holy day Lhabab Duchen and thus a very auspicious day to complete our endeavors.  There will then be eleven days of break and perhaps pujas for His Holiness’ swift rebirth.   The next week will usher in that time which is my most favorite as well as most stressful – Reading Month aka. rangjong – the independent study period before exams.
For a few days this week I was the one and only foreign student residing at this monastery.  My good friend D. has left, at least temporarily, and M.L. is also off site.  Yesterday, however, I noticed a Chinese nun has arrived, so I’m no longer the only international student, not that it matters much, really.  I rarely think of my self as being ‘other’ while living here amongst the nuns.  I asked my classmates once, “Do you see me as your classmate or as a foreigner?” They replied, “When we see you from far away, we see a foreigner.  When we see you up close we see our classmate.”


One thought on “End of another year

  1. I'm just a passerby who is interested in philosophy and seeks God. The last lines did strike a chord, it applies to the search for the Divine too, when far the Supreme Atma looks different but near it is us

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