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How I get through exams, in 18 steps

1. attend class, try to pay attention, possibly even take notes in class
2. for oh lets say the first month of the school year – study after class, debate about what was taught that same day
3. then yarne starts – spend the time out of class spazing about debating exams
4. after yarne – the fear starts – exams are coming, churn out some possible exam answers
5. reading month – realize that i could have prepared a lot more during the year
6. panic, consider not writing exams
7. realize that would delay graduation
8. consider not graduating at all, imagine moving back to Canada
9. the day comes when we have to formally sign up to write the exams – sign up
10. realize what I just did
11. resign myself to actually writing the exams
12. panic
13. blog about it, apparently
14. study
15. give up hope of being the highest scoring student in the class
16. attempt to abandon fear of failing completely
17.having abandoned hope and fear – rest in the thought ‘just passing is enough’
18. attempt to do so


3 thoughts on “How I get through exams, in 18 steps

  1. Hi Zoi!!! Long time no connect (er, assuming you are the Zoi I know and not one of the other countless Zois out there) Yeah, like an ordinary tree in a sandalwood forest, occasional the scent of Dharma clings to me.

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