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What this blog isn’t

Sometimes I wonder if I should post moving Dharma teachings, or photos of great masters, or discuss Buddhism related events in the media… or even (gag, choke, choke) talk about my practice, but that just isn’t what this blog is about.  I am writing this blog as a reflection of my thoughts and my life, as a record for myself, my friends, and my family, and as a (rather tinted) window into nun life in general.  There are lots of blogs and websites out there where monastic and non-monastic bloggers post beautiful and insightful articles.  There are also a lot of people who post inspiring quotes and photos on Facebook.  That really is great.  And meaningful.
Me, I’m just a narcissistic sophist who happens to be ordained as a nun and happens to live in a Buddhist monastery in India.  All I can reflect is my own experience, which is limited, and samsaric. Thanks, for those of you who visit my blog.  Sorry your visit hasn’t been more meaningful. If this is your first taste of Buddhism, please don’t stop here – there is a lot more out there.

5 thoughts on “What this blog isn’t

  1. Hi Heather,I really enjoy reading your blog, it provides a window into a life completely different from my own. I like to hear about your experiences and views, it opens up the world a bit more. Hope you are doing well.Sincerely from,Shannon 🙂

  2. ….and this very authenticity genuineness is precisely why I have such an affinity toward you, Damchoe-la.Much love! – Gelong TashiPS. I had my very first Tibetan lesson today! I'm learning the first 16 consonants!!

  3. @Shannon – Thanks for your comment. It is always interesting to know who is reading it. We should hang out sometime if we are ever both in Saskatoon at the same time. @Tashi Gonpo – Thanks! Good luck with your Tibetan studies. I'm planning to blog about learning Tibetan sometime soonish.

  4. My visit to this blog has been meaningful. Thanx for making it a nice and different website. I agree with you that there are a lot many monastic and non-monastic bloggers posting beautiful and insightful articles, and here you are posting what you like and feel, that’s what blogging is meant for.
    I am very new to Buddhism and Zen, though I don’t intend to practice it professionally. I gather my little pieces of information and inspiration what whatever source I come across. I like your blog and I am sure that I’ll get to know and learn so much from this.
    You are a very nice person:)

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