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Funny Conversations 3

Pema Chodron: “Ani Damchoe Wangmo!  One four three!”

Me: (thinking a moment) “I love you, too.”

Ngawang Sherab:  “ga re za?”

Pema Chodron: “One zer na I, four zer na love, three zer na you.”

(from the balcony outside) Lobsang Palmo*:  Damchoe Wangmo!  One four three!

Me:  “Khyerang la one four three lo!”


Tibetan words:

ga re za = what did you say?

zer na= if you say that it means…

khyed rang la = to you

lo= not sure how to translate this, cute, girly way to end your sentences, very common among young nuns.


* Lobsang Palmo is a very Eastern Tibetan nun who speaks no English, except, apparently “one four three”.


2 thoughts on “Funny Conversations 3

  1. thank you for sharing humorous bits! and for including us in your travels, through your blog. your journey is very inspiring for the meditation novice that I am. I will make sure to keep following you, and have included your blog in my blogroll.deep bow,marguerite

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