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From the airport

Greetings from the airport in Saskatoon.  In about 36 hours I should be arriving at Namdroling Monastery, India.

Since my last post I’ve done three more talks, bringing the final total for this trip to seven.  These three were all at the University of Saskatchewan.  Two were about the path of Mahayana and one — the big one — was about Tibetan Buddhist nuns. 

Other than talking myself hoarse these last few weeks, I’ve mostly been visiting with friends.  I studied a little bit and translated a short text.  There was an article about my life in the local paper and since then a few people have told me they recognize me.  Many, many more people have felt free to stare at me and sometimes give me secret smiles as though they know me.  I’m not too bother about this.  People stare at me all the time, wherever I go.  At least now the people in Saskatoon realize that they are looking at a Buddhist nun.

So I bid farewell to Saskatoon once again and look forward to getting back the monastery.  I like visiting my home but nine weeks is a long time for a holiday.   


7 thoughts on “From the airport

  1. Hello, I am a recent graduate of East West College of Natural Medicine in their TCM Oriental medicine program.Having spent a great deal of time on TCM it is time that I explored some of the other major oriental healing systems.Could you suggest some resources for learning the Tibetan language? Also, are any of the major Tibetan Herbal, Materia Medica or other healing works available online or for download? Most of us in school were quite frustrated by the rigid cast in which TCM had been grounded and we are all exploring classical Chinese sources now that we are free from the rigidly controlled curriculum at school!Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might offer. My philosophy in life is a simple one which leads to many adventures – it is, to follow the path wherever it leads.

  2. Thanks for your warm wishes everyone. @Jimserac TCM is interesting – I almost studied it myself after highschool but decided to go to India first and basically never left.For learning classical Tibetan I like – Translating Buddhism from Tibetan.For Conversational – Manual of Standard TibetanAs for Tibetan medicine resources – your google is as good as mine. I don't know of anything specific but chances are the resources are out there if you search well enough.D

  3. Thank you Damchoe Wongmo!One might think that finding important medical resources would be easy but alas the commercialization of the web continues unabated. As a former programmer, I was there at the inception of the web and I can assure you that it was much nicer place with a great deal of sharing once. I just expended some effort trying to find a copy of the "Golden Mirror of Medicine" by Wu Qian but found only pieces of it. The transfer of medical knowledge to and from China/Tibet is one of my areas of interest. Visting India remains one of my dreams. Each of us has a logical side and an intuitive side. I have suppressed the intuitive fur far too long. So long as there is single medical technique of use which lies forgotten in an ancient book somewhere, I shall not rest easy. I am particularly interested in the work of this Yutok chap, he seems quite intriguing.There are powerful forces afoot that wish to control not just humanity, but the very human spirit itself. I am reminded of Ghandi who, without firing a shot, managed to cause a mighty empire to tremble. The mere existence of people such as yourself is, I believe, a most valuable treasure.Please continue your quite excellent blog. I and, I believe, many others, shall continue to read it with great interest! Namaste.

  4. Reading that article was fun and a little surreal. I am curious who called you "mystic" since I don't remember that from anyone in the Advanced class. If you had a written version of your talks, please share them here! I am currently experiencing an odd sense of not-really-sure-where-home-is myself. Canada is definitely "home" in terms of sense of place, but the only actual "home" I have in terms of somewhere that's mine to sleep and cook and do laundry is now in Amsterdam.

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