I was creative as a child.  In Canada, the education system nurtures creativity; in grade school we had art class, language arts, and music.   In high school I took drama class, choir, creative writing, art and photography.  I always had ideas for stories and pictures popping into my head.  Then I graduated from high school and, without being nourished or nurtured, my creativity diminished. For the last ten years I’ve been studying, trying to absorb information and language, often by rote.  My creative muscles atrophied from lack of use.

I’ve made attempts, from time to time, to create.  I’ve bought art supplies, done a few drawings, and used my computer to edit photos.  Last winter I tried watercolor for the first time.  But these bursts of energy were all short lived.

This year, though, I feel I’ve gotten back a bit of my momentum.  When I was in Nepal I wrote about fifty pages of a short story (Harry Potter fan fiction if you must know) and, as you can see, lately I’ve been making webcomics – which are a combination of line drawings and Photoshop magic.

It feels nothing short of amazing to have my creativity active again.  I get ideas for cartoons while in class.  When I lie in bed at night I think of what should happen next in my short story.  My drawings are slowing getting better.  I feel like taking more photos.  When I do these things, my mind feels focused, relaxed, and engaged.  Amazingly, I also have more energy in my other activities.  So whatever is going on, I’m going to count it as a blessing.  And I’m going to keep creating.


2 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. Creativity, yes. One form of creativity activates other forms, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Doing art is like adding baking powder to your flat bread, things rise and get puffy. I love the cartoons!

  2. Creativity definitely breeds more creativity. I find when I get out of the habit of working on a certain type of thing, it sometimes feels intimidating to go back to it since it take awhile to get back to where you were. But it’s interesting how the more you work on a creative skill, the more ideas come.

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