Inspiring Sites

Now you might think, because I’m a nun, that I’d find solace in the Buddhist scriptures. I do of course find great inspiration in them, but there are also some secular sources of inspiration I’d like to mention here:

GivesMeHope — FML for Optimists: This is the first site I read to remind myself that there are moments of kindness and inspiration happening every day.  This is part of the Spartz network which hosts other inspiring sites.

It Made My Day – Twitter length stories of ‘win’. This is part of the Cheezburger network which also hosts humorous sites such as FAIL blog.

the pursuit of happyness: A Tumblr site with a stream of cheerful and inspiring photos, quotes, and songs.

The great thing about all of these sites is that you can avoid the advertisements by  subscribing to their RSS feeds and reading them in feed readers such as Google Reader.

What sites do you visit for inspiration and joy?


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