It gives me hope…

In case you were wondering, my exams went alright.  I won’t get my results until April – but I feel confident that I passed everything.

My last exam was on January 17th.  After that I had barely two days before catching a flight to San Francisco.  I’ve been staying with my very good friends in Oakland and attending a Dharma program at Orgyen Dorje Den in Alameda.

While in the Bay Area, I have had the opportunity to meet a number of people who I respect very much.  Namely my very dear teacher Yangthang Rinpoche as well as Gyaltrul Rinpoche, Sangye Khandro and Lama Chonam.  I was also able to reconnect with Sogan Rinpoche, who I hadn’t see for many years, and do a bit of translation for him.

I have to say, though, that the most inspiring thing for me to see  was the dharma students and visitors at Orgyen Dorje Den work harmoniously together.  I could see that everyone was trying their very best to keep things smooth and friendly.  All too often we are overcome with anxiety when trying to organize dharma events, but in this case I could see that genuine positive motivation was going into being friendly with each other and not giving rise to annoyance.

2 thoughts on “It gives me hope…

  1. I am glad for youand hope you will consider a one-day event in Saskatoon. I have mentioned the possibility to a couple of people here.

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