Out and about

Since I last updated I’ve been up to a few things…

After leaving sunny California, I spent five weeks with my family in Canada!  It is always good to spend time with my mom and my little brother, but this time was especially pleasant.  I did a few dharmic things – namely participating in the women’s interfaith panel during Islamic Awareness Week at the U of S, a few university classroom appearances, and a little weekend retreat.  Big thanks go out to my mom and my friends J.L. and K.O. for helping with the retreat.   Thanks also to all the people who showed up.

After saying ‘bye’ to my family, I spent 4 days in Montreal – catching up with friends, seeing the city, and checking out McGill.  I must say – I could imagine myself living there in the future… not sure when though.  It was a trip to meet so many scholars who I respect as well as a senior nun from Gampo Abbey who is now teaching in Montreal and Quebec City.

Then I went to Dharamsala, India for about two weeks.  It was weird to be there again after a ten-year absence.  The general landscape is the same, but there are so many more shops and stalls.

I connected with several Western nuns including Venerable K.W. who will become the first female geshe in just a few days.  I was quite amazed by the nuns who study at the Dialectics Institute in Dharamsala – a twenty-year program. All I can say is, ‘Go for it ladies!’  (And, quietly, I’m glad my program is only nine years).

Now I am back at Namdroling.  Classes start later this week.  As for last year’s exams– I scored higher than I have in any of the previous years.  Apparently I will be teaching as a kyorpon later this year.  A kyorpon is a senior shedra student who reviews the morning classes with students in the first four years of shedra.  I’ll let you know how that goes when the time comes.  It is actually an honor to have the opportunity to teach in the shedra, but I am not sure how the students will feel about having a slow reading non-native speaker as their teacher.  They’ll probably wish I were teaching them English.


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    1. It is a good question, as far as I know she was the only woman and the rest of her classmates were monks. From what I understand, Tibetan nuns are not permitted to attend IBD and most Himalayan nuns prefer to study at a nunnery rather than alongside monks. I know several Tibetan and Himalayan nuns who have finished the academic training to become Geshes but it is up to their respective nunnery institutes to actually grant them the title.

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