On blogs and books

I’ve been neglecting to blog to a few months. I imagine thirty or forty people actually read this thing on a regular basis, so if any of you have been hoping for a fresh post, here it is.

I wish I had more comments on my blog. I do. But when I read other blogs I almost never comment, so I don’t think the karma is there. I read a variety blogs that are outside of my area of expertise – for example, I read a few personal blogs written by LDS women, and one written by a Quidditch player in Montreal. I would feel strange commenting on them because, well, wouldn’t I be some weirdo? I mean, really, a Buddhist nun? How weird is that?

When it comes to Buddhist blogs… I almost never read them. I have several on my feed reader, but I just ignore them. What can I say? I spend most of my time reading Dharma texts in Tibetan and I enjoy it. But reading things such as a ‘Western perspective’ on Buddhism just isn’t as interesting.

Honestly, I hardly ever read English Dharma books anymore. Early on in my shedra career, translations of the texts we were study were so helpful. But now, unless it is translated by Padmakara, I usually take issue with the style of translation and decide I would be better off just reading the Tibetan.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I don’t only read Dharma in Tibetan. I also read fiction in English. I just started The Road by Cormac MacCarthy. I love e-books! I used to have to travel 2 hours by bus to find good fiction, but now I can just download something and put it on my e-book reader. And, of course, I’m always on the look out for new Harry Potter fan fiction. I like stories about Severus Snape.


4 thoughts on “On blogs and books

  1. Feel free to comment at Tibeto-logic any time. Feel at home. I have my own (changing) perspective, it’s true, but I also agree with you about reading translations from Tibetan. That’s only for people that have to do it because they have no other choice.

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