A restless ramble about writing

After we graduate from shedra we serve the lineage for three years.  This is my third year.  I haven’t started teaching the texts I’ve been assigned, so I have some time to get ready (thank Buddha!).  Last year I was asked to teach Uttaratantra.  Something I found phenomenally useful  was listening to and transcribing Khen Rinpoche Namdrol’s recorded teachings on stong thun seng ge nga ro.  He gave these teachings to a group including many three year retreat graduates, and so, again and again, he drew together the crucial points of how the Great Perfection teachings and Buddhanature intersect.  It helped me so much!  It also got me ready to talk in Tibetan about Buddhanature.

I haven’t started warming up my Tibetan speaking skills yet this year.  I have a few translation projects, which are fascinating and challenging, and can be utterly absorbing, if I am in the right brain space to really engage.  Yesterday I spent seven hours on a few lines of text, and at the end I felt exhausted, but also restless because the job wasn’t done.  I didn’t sleep so well.  Today I felt like I couldn’t work on the text at all, so I ran errands instead.  I love and dread this kind of busyness; this involvement in a task that is urgent but can’t be rushed, that requires me to focus all my brain power on making linguistic connections and cracking the code of a text.

I see that this blog post is something of an inelegant ramble.  Please forgive that.  I felt inspired to write, so I wrote.


5 thoughts on “A restless ramble about writing

      1. it’s kind of like eating some really delicious and really healthy food… and eating and eating and eating… and you just can’t stop?

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