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5 thoughts on “More Blessings

  1. Dear Venerable Damchoe,This is quite an astonishing phenomenon. Reports of things like this are quite common in the canon, but to get it on video is unique in my experience.To explore this, I've been trying to work out the dates on this event.Penor Rinpoche died on the 27th of March. The video says the rainbow appeared on the 23rd of May 2009, which it says was the 49th day of the Prayer Ceremony. But the 23rd of May is actually 57 days after the date of Rinpoche's death, not 49 days.Do you know why there is an 8-day discrepancy? Did the ceremony start late, or was its final day delayed for administrative reasons?Many thanks!Patrick

  2. Holiness entered tukdam on Friday, March 27, ie. he was meditating inside his body. He left tukdam on Friday, April 3rd. So we counted 7 weeks from leaving tukdam, thus the last day of that puja was Friday, May 22. The rainbow appeared on the day after that last puja. I beleive there was also a rainbow on the last day before Holiness entered tukdam, when we were doing long life puja and that there are also videos of this on youtube. Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks, Venerable Damchoe, for the clarification and for the comment on my blog! Much appreciated. Look forward to seeing more comments from you in future 🙂

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